Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spoonflower love

One of my big goals for 2011 is to design a line of fabrics and post them to Spoonflower. I'm no artist, I haven't drawn anything other than quick working sketches for quilt layouts and wedding cake designs (previous career) in years. While I try to come up with a theme, a palette, a germ of an idea, I thought I'd share some of the amazing artists I've come across on Spoonflower and their beautiful fabrics.

My first pick is Trois Miettes from Switzerland. I love her mod, nature inspired designs. The lines are so clean, the designs fresh without crossing that line into kitschy. I absolutely adore her dog show and teacups prints! They would be so perfect fussy cut as the center of a log cabin or star block. And her winterbloom (the branches) would be perfect as a trim to pillow shams and sheets.

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