Friday, January 28, 2011


Not as much as I'd hoped, but some. Actually I've sewn all but 4 of my strip sets and have some more waiting cutting in my cutting room (yeah, that would be the kitchen). I had a job interview today (yay) so that took up time then when I came home management (the cats) had kicked me off my cutting table (kitchen island, aka the place the cats eat because the dog can't get at their food there).

I also had a major 21st century versus 19th century techno clash. One where I come off looking like a real dumbass. I had to google how to set a mouse trap. See, we have a mousey under the sink and apparently Luce was chasing it last night/early this morning. I could sleep through a home invasion but the hubs did not like. So. Traps. And the google. Thank goodness for google.

To keep you from ever suffering the same fate, here's youtube, on me:

The zombie apocalypse is coming y'all. We need skillz.

adios, yo


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