Monday, February 28, 2011

Single girl marches on

Week 3.  Sewing the arcs.  Fun.

Ok,ok,it's not that bad.  Just, I hate pinning.  And you really need to pin these mofos.  I have a nail polish called Adios Mofo and I really should wear it while I'm working on these.  I mean they're coming along and all, but... yeah, mofo.

Anyway I have one whole block done ( I just needed to see them all together) and almost all of the first quadrants done.  If I can get off my butt I may actually finish them all before Gossip Girl.  Maybe.

As you can see from the photo I had some major rippling in my block.  Don't see it?  Check this one out:


So I made up a template of what the arcs should look like.  And realized that mine are way off.  I tend to sew a scant ¼" which is fine when things are rotary cut since I cut tight.  But with tracing the templates my pieces all ended up a little big and I should have been sewing a generous ¼".  I ended up having to cut ¼" to ½" off each end of my arcs!!  But at least the blocks lie flat now.  And this solution was way faster than my original idea of going back and re-sewing each seam.  That was a bad, bad idea.

Hopefully by Friday I'll have these all sewn up.  Until then anyone have a suggestion for where to order perle cotton?  That ships to Canada?

adios mofos,

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