Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seattle trip

Jamie and I headed down to Seattle last week for a couple of days of r & r, pizza, and balmy weather.  And it was awesome!  I know that anyone in Seattle is thinking, balmy, wtf?  Yes, Seattle was expecting snowmaggedon last week, and it was chilly with a little snow.  But not the - 20 we had here.  So balmy.  With crocus, flowering plum, quince, and euphorbias.  And green grass.  So green it felt like it was burning our eyes.  I'd forgotten grass even came in green!  Oh, and buses with chains on their tires.  Thank you Sound Transit for that, it was the funniest thing I'd seen in ages!

So for the quilty.  You'd think with all the awesome online fabric places around Seattle (Pink Chalk Fabrics, Sew Deerly Loved, Quilt Home ) that the brick and mortar quilt shops would rock, too.  And the place I visited, The Quilting Loft, was pretty good, just not stellar.  I think my expectations were a little off, because they were even having a sale.  Yeah, hand me the thermometer, there must be something wrong.  Anyway, I did a little haulage there and at Joanne's, where I picked up some kona... ash, maybe?  And a hexagon ruler.

The plan for my big purchase was a new ipod.  I can't believe how lost I've felt without one.  Having to actually read books, paper books is just so weird.  And having to haul my butt over to the computer to check my email?  Unacceptable.  BUT.  Costco. Stopped. Carrying. Them.   Aaargh!  No ipod, not much fabric.  Poop.  Thank goodness the pizza rocked!

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