Friday, March 4, 2011

How many are too many?

I have a bit of quilt ADD.  Right now I have 4 quilt tops on the go, one more that the fabric has been ordered for, and about 65 ideas floating around on my hard drive, on scraps of paper, and in my head.  It's probably not the most efficient way of working, but I've always been like this.

So, the most obvious project is my single girl quilt.  I've got more than half of the quadrants sewn and I'm pushing myself to get the rest done this weekend.  The husband is out of town so this might be a bit of a challenge.  Sure, I don't have to talk to him or cook anything more advance than oatmeal, but it means I'm also the only one on dog patrol.

The second is a yellow and grey version of Freckled Whimsy's recent Moda Bake Shop pattern.  Jamie actually saw the pattern on the counter and was excited.  Until he realized the "recipe" wasn't for cookies.  Hmm, I guess I need to add human cookies to this weekend's roster (dog cookies are already on it).

The third is a crazy nine patch I started in December and am working on quilting.  I am so sick of this quilt, though!  I really want to ditch it into ufo territory, but I think I'll try to finish it.

The final one is a yellow hexagon quilt using big (5") hexies.  I'm still in the fabric collection and cutting phase on this one, though.

So that's it.  Four on the go, one in the queue and about a billion brewing.  You?

PS:  Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll be posting my 1st giveaway!

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  1. Love the colors for your hexie quilt (yellow is my fave!). Are you planning to machine stitch the pieces or go the hand-sewn route?

  2. Don't feel too bad about having only four quilt tops on the go. I have at least half a dozen on the go and a huge bag of about 12-15 tops ready to be basted and quilted. I have really bad sewing add I made six purses in the last week instead of finishing the two quilts I need done this week eeeek! Maybe AI should take tomorrow off work heehee I feel a flue coming on...