Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog days

I've never quite understood the phrase the dog days of summer.  But I guess if it means those days that are so hot the dog spends the entire day panting behind the couch, we're there.  Although she did take enough time out from being prostrate to destroy a spool of thread.  So maybe it's not as hot as I thought.

I've finished the blocks for my Hope Valley quilt but just can't bring myself to start cutting and sewing the sashing.  So I've started something new.  Of course.

A zig zag quilt using Prince Charming.  Something cool and refreshing in shades of olive, honey, aqua, and navy.  With raindrops.  Joy!

I think I need a dress in this print

adios yo,

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1 comment:

  1. luv your zig zag quilt ... the fabric is great! where did you get the pattern? i have the perfect Christmas fabric for one! Happy Monday :O)