Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hope Valley

I find when I'm really stressed that I have to start new projects.  Kinda crazy, but that's how I roll.  So with the house sale dragging on and the husband moved out I've started a new quilt.  Yup, the 6 or so on the go aren't enough.

{ handkerchief corners detail }
Handkerchief Corners by philistine made

After ignoring Hope Valley for ages I finally decided about 2 months that I desperately needed some and ordered a fat quarter bundle.  The initial plan was to make the quilt above.

Fruit Salad from 107 Quilts
But then I saw this one and everything changed.

I'm making big blocks, 22" across, then cutting them down.  The plan is for 16 of the big blocks, resulting in 64 10" blocks after the trim.  I'm a little over half done, and getting a little panicked about fabric.  I have strips on the coffee table, on the couch, in the fruit bowl.  I'm pretty sure I have enough!  No tv tonight, I want these beasties finished.

And speaking of beasties, Miss Beatrice decided to try on a my underwear yesterday.  Tres chic, yes?


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  1. I do that, too! New projects--my favorite form of stress relief and procrastination! I'm fighting the urge to start something new today, in fact.