Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 by 5 bee

I'm doing the 4 X 5 bee over on flickr and am kind of at a loss for what my block should be.  I have a ton of time since these don't need to hit the mail until October, but I want to get started on them so I have a project when I'm homeless, staying at my folks.

So, what do you think of this block?

from Q is for Quilter on flickr

Will it look more modern with a different colour scheme?  Or is it just too 30s??

love ya,

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  1. This is a cool looking block! I'm not sure how it would look with modern fabrics. i would give it a try. It's fun to see that you and are are kinda thinking along the same paths!

  2. I love this block--saw it on the Q blog. I think it could look totally modern with some different fabric like Kate Spain, maybe even in black and white with red centers. At least that was what I had in mind when I saw it!