Friday, April 27, 2012

post anyway

I'm not getting much done lately.  Which is pretty boring.  I really need to start  a few small, easy to finish projects so I have something to share!

So in an attempt to create some kind of content, a couple of fabric mosaics:

The first is my entry in Sew Mama Sew's weekly Fat Quarter Idol.  This week's theme is "meet me at the picnic".  I can't remember the last time I went on a picnic.  Is that weird?  I mean I've sat on the ground and eaten a snack mid hike, but other than that I really prefer to eat indoors.  Less bugs, dirt and dogs snatching your food.  Which could explain why my fabrics don't really scream picnic.  I like the combo, though.

Second mosaic was inspired by Jenelle at Echinops and Aster.  I was lucky enough to get a spot in her orange, aqua and grey mystery charm swap, and these are the fabrics I'd pick if I were hosting.  And if I have any sway on her choices at all, Jenelle, we need that aqua ruler print!  Please?


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  1. I'm in Jenelle's swap too. Can't WAIT!!

  2. Ok Chelsea. We can probably do the ruler print since you said please, but I won't tell you any more about the fabrics until they arrive. ;) I actually saw some of it in person yesterday (Sunni and I had a non-swap related fabric shopping day in Seattle, more on that later!) and it is really vibrant and just about the perfect scale for a charm. It is heavier canvas, so hopefully peeps won't mind that.

  3. oh i love that aqua ruler also! love it!